Contining the Legacy of Carolyn Diecedue at Allison's Innovative Dance Academy, L.L.C. (AIDA)!

Allison Rosiere-Artist

Come join the fun and register for our fall classes! Our address is 1180 Terry Parkway, Suite A in Terrrytown.
 In our years under Carolyn Diecedue Dance Academy, we have built a reputation for beautiful shows, outstanding staff, and awesome education that you can’t get anywhere else.  AIDA has what you are looking for when it comes to a variety of classes. We range in levels from beginners to advanced levels. Our dance classes are taught by talented teachers who are also certified educators. Our costumes, music and choreography are always age appropriate.

How dance affects ALL other aspects of your life!

Our students learn to dance while reinforcing major life lessons including social interaction, confident, discipline, respect, perseverance, and faith in ones self! Students will see how practice and diligence makes success! We offer the perfect combination of variety of teachers with a variety of different dance styles.